Reflections(Sean Phua)

Day 1 Reflection

What was my first impression of NTU?
My first impression of NTU is that it was extremely foreign and very expansive in various facilities as the entire campus was extremely big and is completely different from anything we have experienced before. 
What things did SST Students do Well?
I think that SST Students were very proactive and not afraid to voice any doubts about a topic even though the topic is completely foreign to majority of the SST Students.
Things SST Students can Improve on?
I feel that we should improve on our timeliness and sense of urgency when getting from one venue to another as I feel that we have wasted quite an amount of precious time that can be used on more beneficial activities.

Plenary Sessions (Learning Points)

Importance of Water - Dirty or Clean (Professor Ng Wun Jern)
I learnt that water will affect us one way or another, whether it is directly affecting us or indirectly affecting us and that we have to do something about the problem of the unavailability of water in some countries as it has caused many casualties already.

Revolution of Microelectronics Technology (Professor Yeo Kiat Seng)
Microelectronics can be applied across a very expansive area and can greatly improve people's lives using the 9 Os: Bio, Radio, Auto, Info, Nano, H2O (Water), Audio, Video and m.c two (Energy).

Innovative breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology (Professor Ma Jan)
I learnt that Nano-Science and Nano-Technology can be applied to a lot of areas such as transportation, medical improvements and even to the extent of using Nano-Technology in the area of warfare.

IT for Animation (Professor Seah Hock Soon)
I found out that the difference between 2D and 3D animation is the varying cost and labour required to actually produce the final product. However, both types of animations are still being used present day.

Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than you think" (Assistant Professor Emma Hill)
I learnt that the rise of the sea level can be affected by huge masses pushing down the land on the Earth, thus, causing water to be drawn towards this mass and causing an area to have an increased sea level and another area with decreased sea level.

Day 2 Reflection

I chose this project because even though I've been relatively weak in the field of Physics, I wanted to arouse more interest in this subject through this project so as to enable me to learn and do better in Physics.

My role in the group is basically to help in making adjustments to the angle of the ramp and the place where on the ramp where the ball is released from. I also helped a little in tabulating and recording the results from the trials.

Challenges we have encountered when working in this project is the extremely tight schedule and lack of time. We have overcome these problems by leaving the less urgent matters for later and concentrating on the task that is of the upmost importance first.

Through this project, I discovered that even though a team can be made up of members of different genders, they can still be able to put aside their differences and actually have fun and work together for a common goal, which is to learn more from this project.

As an individual, I feel that I have benefited from this programme in aspects of teamwork as I feel that we really had to put aside our differences and just work with each other as there were members from both genders and that we seldom talked during school time.

My aspirations are not too clear to me yet but I can safely say that after going through this programme, everything will become much clearer to me. However, I do have a certain interest in Biochemistry so I might aspire to become a Biochemist in the future. But all I have to do now is to study hard and get the subjects I want.