Reflections(Michelle Lim)

Day 1 Reflection
My first impression of NTU:
My first impression of NTU was that it was very big, and looks complex. But, it also looked like it has everything.

Things SST did well:
We were aware about the situation and environment around us and that we should abide rules and obey the teacher.

Things SST should improve on:
Our punctuality and responsibility for being on time after teabreak or lunch.

(I) Plenary Sessions.
A- My key learning points from each session.
1) Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean.
I have learnt that there are bad microbes and also good microbes. I have also learnt that many places in the past had water contamination, therefore, when they go into the water, if they dont drown, the people will most likely die because of the diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, diarrhoea in the water.

I have also learnt that sewage management had started way back at the 1700-1500BC but they went back to dumping waste with public baths.

In years to come, Asia will be at risk when it comes to compromising with water.

2)Revolution of Microelectronics Technology.
I have learnt that the earliest computer (Z-1) was created at 1936, and it was very bulky, but there were already future expectations. As the time goes by, the parts of the computer were changed into better ones

I have also learnt the importance of electronics, as electronic is high frequency, high speed and high efficiency. There are many field of aspects when it comes to electronics, for example, new media, nanotechnology or new technology.

It is also known that Electronics Engineers or Chip designers earns the highest salary. It is also highly recommended to us as, unless we do EE, we would never know our limits and potential.

3)Innovative breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology.

I have learnt that nanotechnology has made a difference in our lifestyle, and would change our lifestyles in the future. For example, there are contact lenses that change the tint. There are many innovations and improvement made on current things we have, for example, the things in the military, there are bullet proof vests made. It is also known that the people researching about nanotechnology is finding a way for artificial photosynthesis, instead of going through a process via the plants.

4) IT for Animation.
I have learnt that the animes we usually watch are usually costly, as the process is long, and the drawings have to be hand drawn, and copied again and again. The animes also takes a long time to produce because of the long process. I have also learnt that there are a few types of animation. Stop motion, Story telling, 2D animation, and 3D animation. Compared to a 3D Animation film, a 2D animation film has a higher budget.

5) Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than you think.

From this session, I have learnt that the ocean rise and large earthquakes will usually change the shape of earth, throughout the years, the earth's shape has changed slightly every year.
I have also learnt ht at the sea-level rise will not be the same everywhere because of gravity.
Average sea-levels rise measure by tide gauges is approximately 1.8mm/yr

Self-attraction and loading from melting glaciers is one of the other reason why sea-levels varies.

(B) The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is the one about sea levels and melting glaciers. What I like about it is that I have gained more knowledge on something I had always been wanting to know, about the sea levels, and about the Earth. It shocks me the fact that the shape of earth changes slightly ever year, as we've been just living in earth without knowing it.

(II) My Personal Reflection

I chose this project because it has the combination of 2 sciences, Chemistry and Physics, which can help me to decide what subject combination I would like to take at the end of the year.

My role in the group is the assistant leader.

Challenges I / we encounter when working on this project in the last 2 days is that we had limited time to do all our things, because of the tight schedule and also the frustrating lights out time, which did not give us a chance to complete what we were supposed to in that timeframe. We overcome these challenges by prioritize on our work and try our best to do our work as fast as possible, while each of us do different things.

Through this project, I/we discover that teamwork is important in doing something, and that more heads are better then one. We can work the best if we all contribute to it.

As an individual, how I have benefitted from this programme is that I have learn more about the things happening when we go to university in the future, and I got a rough idea of the expectations. Through this programme, I also benefit from realising the fact that I have to start working hard to study, before I regret not studying well, so as to go to the course I prefer in the future. I have also gained friendship with the professors, student helpers and facilitators. I have also know more about my friends in the group and project.

My aspirations is to study hard to get into the subject combination of my choice, so that I can have a smooth road towards NTU. I would also aspire to gain more knowledge about the environment through different means.